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Recycling is our opportunity for a better tomorrow. Our challenge is to maximise the use of the waste that ends up in the environment and process it in order to be reused as a valuable product. We aim to achieve an almost 100% conversion level of reprocessed raw materials headed for the landfill as done by European leaders. We want to demonstrate that smart management of the plastic that surrounds us, especially PET, makes a real difference in reducing the volume of landfill and saves resources.

With our pioneering PET processing project, we are proving that we are also tackling those topics that are challenging for other European companies. We demonstrate that plastic, and PET in particular, is an excellent multi-use material while retaining all the characteristics of a full-value product. We also follow current trends, which, due to increasingly higher prices and greater unavailability, require the search for alternative raw materials for production. Recycled raw materials also reduce CO2 emissions (the recycling of 1 tonne of PET bottles reduces CO2 emissions by 1.5 tonnes).

Concern for our environment, state-of-the-art technology, our top-quality products, and partner relationships with our contractors are the pillars of our business.

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Under the frequently used abbreviation PET lies a mysterious name: polyethylene terephthalate. Every day one hears more and more about its impact on the environment. Is all of this information true? What is PET plastic really and what does it mean for us in practice? Let’s take a closer look. History  PET is first and […]


Plastics are materials that are mostly recyclable and reusable for manufacturing new items. Most often, waste from the packaging industry ends up in the bin after the product has been used. To prevent the accumulation of waste, it is recycled and then used to produce new materials. MECHANICAL RECYCLING Mechanical recycling is one of the […]


The generation of excess plastic waste is considered to be part of the 21st century, with PET plastic a permanent feature of most homes. Why? Because they are perfect for almost any role. How can they be reused in industry? Check out some of our ideas! RE-MANUFACTURING OF PACKAGING Most containers, bottles, mini plastic jars […]

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