Tworzywo sztuczne PET


The generation of excess plastic waste is considered to be part of the 21st century, with PET plastic a permanent feature of most homes. Why? Because they are perfect for almost any role. How can they be reused in industry? Check out some of our ideas!


Most containers, bottles, mini plastic jars and trays are made of PET. When properly segregated and cleaned, this plastic can be fully used for the next production and form the basis for making a new container with a different purpose to its previous one.


In clothing shops chain, among others, collections that state on the labels that they are derived from plastic are becoming increasingly popular. Often, garments made with plastic include sweatshirts, polar fleece and T-shirts. In fact, PET has been used in the textile industry for years. However, for shoppers who do not always pay attention to the composition, this information may be of interest.


PET plastic also means energy! Energy that can be extracted and used to produce the light bulbs that illuminate our rooms on a daily basis.


In tourism, plastic can be used not only to make containers including bottles but also to create hiking equipment and insulating fillings for winter jackets which ensure that the right temperature is maintained and prevent chilling.

And that’s not all… There are many possibilities but it is important to remember that we have a real influence on the success of any new product – through conscious use and proper segregation.