Plastics are materials that are mostly recyclable and reusable for manufacturing new items. Most often, waste from the packaging industry ends up in the bin after the product has been used. To prevent the accumulation of waste, it is recycled and then used to produce new materials.


Mechanical recycling is one of the most popular methods. It involves segregating waste, sorting it and washing off any remaining residue. It is then crushed by machines and the resulting granulate can be used to modify and manufacture various articles.


It involves subjecting waste either to decomposition at a high temperature without the use of oxygen or to gasification to generate energy. The great advantage of this process is that there is no need to clean the materials.


For PET, chemical recycling leads to depolymerisation and interference with the structure of the plastic. Hydrolysis leading to the generation of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol under the influence of water under acidic or basic conditions is usually used. The benefit of this treatment is that many types of products can be obtained. The waste treatment and reuse process itself is very important for the well-being of our environment. Even at the initial stage, its proper segregation contributes to the prevention of the accumulation of waste which then can be recycled.

In order to carry out ecological activities and take care of the environment, our company buys post-production plastic waste and PET bottles. Contact us to discuss the details!